Her tailoring has always been sharp.  Now Simpsons Creative has given it claws! – with a series of strikingly different, animal-inspired ads for their client, Alexandra Wood; a bespoke tailor with outlets in Saville Row, Shoreditch and Bishop’s Stortford. “Why dress like the sheep?”, which shows a wolf-headed man in a bespoke Alexandra Wood business..... Read More

Do you want to extend your social media presence and tap into the potential customer base that this offers? Not sure where to start or which platforms to target? Our handy guide takes you through the most popular networking sites (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) and explains what they are, how they differ, user..... Read More

Launching a new business? Or refreshing your existing brand? Get started with Ignite, our top value marketing pack. It brings together all you need for effective promotion, including logo design, web design and build, business stationery and leaflet design and print. You can buy any one element separately, or bundle two or three together. Professionally..... Read More

Good question.  Your website is effectively an on-line brochure, and for many it does the job just as well, if not better than hard copy: setting out your company information and introducing prospective clients to your products and services.  It also has the advantage of being instantly updateable. But ask any sales team if they..... Read More

Most of us have at least a basic understanding of what branding is and why it matters. At the very least it’s your company’s visual identity; a recognisable representation of the business. Beyond that, it’s every part of the way you communicate with customers, staff and stakeholders, from the logo, corporate colours and typeface through..... Read More

We all have nodding acquaintances, neighbours with whom we have snatched conversations, but how often do those chance encounters develop into lasting friendships?  There has to be an incentive – perhaps a mutual interest in sport or shopping  – and the invitation to share it at a live match or a day trip to Bluewater..... Read More

The amazing stories behind Cambridge’s top tech entrepreneurs are told in Torchbearers, a prestigious new magazine that shares the backstory and reveals the drive and ambitions of local business entrepreneurs and how they became global success stories. Simpsons Creative were approached by publishers Business Weekly in association with Cambridge Judge Business School and Horizon, the..... Read More

Lambert Smith Hampton has the largest dedicated team of commercial shed specialists in the M1 corridor. Their marketing communications department at Lambert Smith Hampton asked if we could create a giveaway for their Eastern Region industrial logistics team to hand out at a forthcoming event.  The handout needed to include all of the team’s contact..... Read More

1.     Parallax Scrolling Parallax scrolling is a new and innovative way for users to scroll through your website, creating a 3D experience, enabling websites to look more dynamic and stylish. You may have seen this in videos and adverts in recent months, but one of the first big companies to use parallax scrolling within their..... Read More