Don’t Just Tell Them – Show Them!

Using images to build brands

Vision is your dominant sense.  You could see before you could speak and long before you could read.  What you experience first-hand makes a greater impression than anything you might be told.

Which is to say that in marketing, as in much else, the image comes before the word. To be successful your marketing must put visuals before verbals.  Let’s look at the ways this can be done.


Video marketing is the most dominant marketing medium today and is likely to remain so for the next 5 to 10 years.  Google loves video, and when embedded in your website, it is the most effective way to make an ‘elevator pitch’ or give a product demonstration.

It will boost your ranking on search engines, and for extra mileage, you can put it on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.  Users view more than one billion hours of video each day on YouTube.

Location Photography

In property marketing, there is no substitute for original location photography, especially on new builds or refurbishments, where the architectural merits of the property and the quality of its finish can be given due prominence.

A location shoot also has the merit of producing a lot of supplementary images which can be placed in a gallery to fill out the style and substance of the offer and the attractions of local and on-site amenities.

Drone Photography

Once a novelty, drone photography has now become pretty much universal, primarily because it is more versatile and economical than shooting from a crane or an aircraft, once the only way of obtaining aerial footage or dramatic perspectives.

Again, it is especially useful in property marketing when illustrating the strategic location or communications of a site, or showing work in progress as key construction stages are reached.

CGI Photography

CGI has been a godsend to developers, enabling them, as it does, to give a photographically exact representation of a project prior to construction with a view to advance the production of sales literature or the negotiation of pre-sales and lettings.

It also comes into its own when making planning applications to local authorities.

Virtual Tours

It’s debatable whether virtual tours came before Covid-19 or vice versa.  Either way, they’ve proved an invaluable means of property viewing by remote, facilitating a room by room inspection tour.

The associate technology has now advanced to the point where a calculator can be built into the program to facilitate room measurements and furniture layouts.

Studio Photography

Professional studio photography is a must for retailers in the fashion, furniture and food sectors, where style, colour and presentation are all.  Product pack shots, still lives and creative concept photography are also best undertaken in the studio under the direction of an art director and stylist.

Stock Photography

Extensive libraries of stock photography are commercially available, many of which are royalty-free and offer an economical alternative to location or studio photography for those operating on a limited budget.


So, to recap, the image comes before the word, and when it comes to marketing, visuals beat verbals.  Is your marketing making the most of picture power?  If not, perhaps it’s time you let us put you in the frame!

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