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Professional school prospectus design can help get your school the recognition it deserves

When it comes to designing a school prospectus, the goal is not just to provide information, it’s to showcase the heart and soul of the school. The design should reflect the values and culture of the institution, while also being visually appealing and easy to navigate. A good prospectus will leave a lasting impression on potential students and their families, and can even be the deciding factor in choosing one school over another. With careful consideration of typography, layout, and imagery, a school prospectus has the power to convey a sense of excitement and anticipation for the educational journey ahead.

Nursery & primary school prospectuses

We go the extra mile for each school we work with, ensuring that every prospectus design reflects individual values and beliefs. From tiny rural schools to larger urban academies – no two educational institutions are alike! Using our specialised knowledge in print formats and digital marketing, as well as an understanding of your own unique needs we will create a primary school prospectus bespoke to your school. We can help you focus your audience on your schools unique benefits be it sports, specialist subjects or a whole school ethos that sets you apart. Let us help you create a beautiful school prospectus specifically tailored to what makes you special!

Secondary & sixth form prospectuses

We’re here to lend a helping hand in bringing your school’s values and ethos alive for future students. Our team of creatives have designed eye-catching, bespoke prospectuses for schools big and small – from smaller rural schools to vibrant city academies – without failing to capture each one’s unique character through our distinctive designs! We can help highlight the key areas of your secondary school and sixth form to parents and students helping to showcase the benefits of your school and increase applications.

With our designs being bespoke to each school we are able to create a truly effective prospectus that not only helps to sell your school but also helps to support and reinforce your school branding and push your education marketing to a new level.

Private school prospectus design

Private schools are under constant pressure to market their facilities and education in order to attract students from across the globe. Our private school prospectus designs are the perfect way to showcase your school’s exceptional qualities. With bespoke typography, imagery and layout design solutions for print and digital formats we can create a prospectus that will stand out from the crowd. Our in-depth knowledge of private schools means that we understand how to effectively communicate the values and ethos of your school through your prospectus.

We take into consideration the nature of each individual school, as well as their value system and message they want to communicate when creating a private school prospectus. This ensures that all written content is appropriate, while also providing a visual sense of exclusivity and sophistication associated with private education.

From unique concept creation right through to final printed copies or an online version; let us help you create a private school prospectus that will leave a lasting impression on potential and current students.

Full-service creative agency

We have a team of inhouse experts for each stage of the process, from initial discovery through to the design and finally the print and delivery, this means we can manage the project from start to finish. As a full-service creative agency it does not stop there, we are able to assist with marketing your new prospectus using traditional and digital marketing methods.

We pride ourselves on our service and on building strong relationships with our partner schools helping them with a range of marketing services.

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