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The first thing to be said about business –to-consumer (B2C) marketing is that it should be customer focused – the clue is in the name!  This means that it is not primarily about the product, the service or advertiser, but the wants and needs of the end user.

At its core is the promise that ‘this product will make your life better, easier or more enjoyable – or maybe even change it forever’.  A related, but equally important consideration is: what can your product or service offer that competitors can’t?  Or, what is your unique selling proposition (USP)?

At Simpsons Creative we see our first task as that of playing Devil’s advocate.  Asking those awkward and penetrating questions that help you identify and the challenges and opportunities you face in achieving market differentiation.

Naturally, we will help you promote and capitalise on your USP, if you have one, and help you exploit it before your competitors come up with a ‘me-too’ product or service.

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Beyond that there are other ways we can help you achieve market dominance: through brand advertising that establishes the core values of your offer, cross market coverage through combined digital and traditional media, and the development of a marketing strategy that helps you maintain a sustained market presence.

Besides consumer goods marketing we also have considerable experience in recruitment and public service advertising.

In all of the above our own USP is the core creativity of our advertising professionals, whose creative talents help you achieve stand out campaigns in a crowded marketplace.

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