Startup Marketing Brief

Marketing is essential for all businesses, but for startups it’s critical, especially in the first few years. Unless people know what you are offering, they are unlikely to buy your products, this is where a good marketing plan can make all the difference.

We have fine-tuned the process in this brief to ensure your key marketing messages are delivered clearly and with impact.

At Simpsons Creative we help all types and sizes of businesses plan their marketing, from small independent traders to large multinationals, we focus on giving your business strong foundations that will pay dividends for years to come.

This guide will help you think through the types of marketing you may want and will help us get a better idea of what it is your business needs to thrive.

We love helping startups, it gives us the chance to really get creative without pre-existing restrictions.

Each section has guidance on how to fill it out but we are always on hand to help if you’re unsure. You don’t need to fill out all of the sections in one go, save your progress and come back to it, some of the sections may not apply to you or your business.

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