Logo Design

Create a stunning professional impression of you and your business with a professional custom designed logo.

Your logo is the embodiment of your brand and its values, a professional logo design will help convey this effectively to your target audience. Work with our in-house designers to plan and design a logo that will help showcase your key business values directly to your target audience. We have over 30 years of experience creating logos for businesses and products of all sizes and in all sorts of industries.

What is logo design?

Your logo design identifies your business in its simplest form using a logo mark, typographic solution, or a combination of the two. It represents you in the simplest visual way so customers can identify you and your business.

This means it’s an important aspect of your branding so requires serious thought and planning. Your logo design builds trust and brand recognition and should be used across all your marketing materials. The possible applications should be taken into account, for example will the design work on clothing? Will it be used on large format signage? Or on vehicle livery? Knowing the answers to these questions at the start of the process will help to guide the logo designers in their design choices.

Why is a professional logo important?

Design choices made when creating a logo will have a big impact on your business and the rest of your marking materials, we have years of experience in the process. We have refined the process so we can help guide you through the common pit falls of a rebrand, or the issues start-ups have when they create their first logo.

It’s important to not only consider the implementation of the logo but also how it’s been created, we create professional design files for all of our logos and can provide them in a range of formats. Vector files for use in professional print or use online are a must, they let you show off your logo to its true potential no matter what size they are being shown at.

There is nothing worse than creating an initial brand only to find out the design files limit its potential and needing an expensive rebrand.

The logo design process.

There are three key elements that make up a logo, our designers will work with you to achieve the best results throughout the process.


The typography is the text in your logo design. This will usually be your business name, but can also include a slogan or tagline. The choice of fonts, spacing and white space around the letters all work together to give an impression of your business. Putting it simply, you can help present an image of your business by the font you choose, serif fonts can give impressions of traditional values whereas sans serif fonts give a more modern creative feel.

Logo mark/badge

This is the ‘picture’ bit of your logo and is what people traditionally think of when they refer to a logo. It can be used to help give people a hint as to what it is you do and also give emotion to your logo. For example, speed, with images of movement or playfulness with character designs.


Different colours communicate different things, we can use this in logo design to again help give people impressions about you and your business. For example, the use of green colours can help imply environmental friendliness, the use of red or orange can imply passion and the use of blue gives a professional view.

Logo design for small business

We love creating logos for new and small businesses, it lets us give new businesses a good grounding in their marketing journey. We work closely with you as your business grows and with the grounding in place, we can evolve your logo and branding as you grow but without the costly rebranding. We see all too often when logos are not throughout correctly from the start, businesses need to restart the process when a new requirement crops up.

Corporate logo design

We have worked with large international brands to rework their branding and logos, with extensive experience in creating detailed brand guidelines which ensure the new logo is applied correctly across the large range of material corporate logos get applied to. Our logo design process helps to involve key stakeholders in your business to achieve ‘buy in’ at every stage of the process, helping to ensure the final logo champions your business and its values.

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