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Increase parent and student engagement with beautifully designed school newsletters

School newsletters are an essential tool for communication between parents and school staff. They are a great way to keep parents informed about important events, deadlines, and updates on their child’s progress in school. Newsletters provide a sense of community and promote transparency between the school and parents, allowing for a smoother flow of information. Not only do they serve as an informative tool, but they can also be a fun way to spotlight student achievements, upcoming events, and even share interesting educational resources. School newsletters keep everyone in the loop and foster a positive relationship between the school and its community.

Printed school newsletter

We can help you plan, design and print your school newsletters ensuring your school’s achievements, news and events get clearly communicated to your parents, students and staff. Our inhouse team of experts will work with you to create a branded newsletter design that is tailored to your school and set up a ‘house style’ to match. This will ensure all future newsletters follow your brand guidelines giving them a professional and consistent image which reflects on your school.

We can help with the content creation, whether it’s copywriting, creating graphics or arranging photography to make sure your newsletter is showcasing the school’s image, as well as clearly passing on the important information it contains.

With our expertise in print production, we can help you select the perfect size, paper stock, finishes and delivery options so you can be confident that your newsletter will look professional and presentable.

St Mary’s School Ascot Newsletter

Digital school newsletter

Digital newsletters open up a wide range of possibilities for quickly and easily distributing your newsletter to your contact list, we can help create newsletter templates that can be emailed out to your contact list or craft PDFs that can be hosted on your website. We have decades of experience in creating newsletters and can help you to create fully interactive digital versions that feature animations, videos and more.

We understand how important it is for your newsletter to be professional and presentable so letting us handle the design, build and testing of your digital newsletter will ensure it looks amazing on all devices without any technical errors.

Best of both

With our newsletter design services, you are not limited to print or digital, we can create a professionally designed PDF which is both print-ready and fully digital, meaning you can both print your newsletter but also use it digitally as well. This gives you the best of both, the prestige of having professionally printed copies and the ease of sending them out digitally, best of all we can create this document as a single source meaning you only have one to update and amend.

St Mary’s School Ascot – Newsletter design

St Mary’s asked us to refresh their marketing strategy and raise their profile as a warm, caring community offering a wealth of co-curricular opportunities that make life at the school vibrant, exciting and good fun.

The client believed the best way to do this was with the launch of a new School Newsletter.  The objective was to keep students, parents and staff updated with the latest news and events for the school, as well as showcasing the activities and experiences on offer at the school to new and potential students. Read full St Mary’s School Ascot case study.

Branded School Newsletter
Branded School Newsletter
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