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Our powerful and WordPress optimised hosting platform gives you fast, reliable cloud-based hosting that’s second to none.

Website hosting is a key part of your website, its performance, and reliability. The old saying “you get what you pay for” has never been truer when it comes to hosting. As a web design agency we have designed our platform to offer clients a service that ensures their websites get the resources and support needed without large overheads. Our standard hosting is UK based and gives you everything you need from SSL certificates to included email services.

What is website hosting?

Website hosting is the platform which serves your website to visitors, it’s your websites home on the internet. Hosting can have a big impact on the speed and security of your website so it’s important that it can keep up with your business needs now but also have the flexibility to do so as your website evolves, and visitor numbers increase.

Website hosting covers a range of services from web hosting and SSL certificates to databases and email services. Our hosting platform helps to keep everything in one place so you can get on with running your business and let us worry about the technical aspects of your website hosting.

Abacus House Cambridge
Abacus House Cambridge

What is WordPress website hosting?

We are experts in everything WordPress, as such our hosting platform is optimised for powering WordPress websites. Our platform meets all the WP hosting requirements with PHP and MySQL services available. Furthermore, we  ensure it’s fully compatible with all future releases, meaning your website can be updated without the worry of incompatibilities with your hosting.

Domain name registration

We look after and maintain hundreds of domain names for our clients, we take the worry out of the process and having it all under one roof means we can provide fast, effective support. We can ensure your domains are registered correctly and renewed each year to ensure they are safe and secure.

WordPress Website Hosting
WordPress Website Hosting

Email services

Our hosting includes standard email services, this lets you get your business off to a flying start. Each of our email accounts come with 10GB of storage as standard and access to a webmail platform, letting you check your emails online from any device. We also provide SMTP/IMAP settings to let you connect your own devices and email clients to give you full control over your email account. Our large 10GB per account space allotment means you have more than enough room to manage your emails for years to come, users who need more space can upgrade when needed for a truly flexible email service.

Green solutions

Our standard website hosting is now 100% powered by renewable energy, this helps to minimise the impact of your website on the environment.

VPS & dedicated website hosting

Our standard website hosting is incredibly powerful, but for clients who need more we have a wide range of VPS & dedicated website hosting services that will give your website all the power it could ever need.

Fully managed hosting

All of our hosting solutions are fully managed, this means you don’t need to worry about the technical requirements of setting up or managing your website’s hosting. Our platforms keep your hosting up to date with the latest security and maintenance updates ensuring it is well-protected.

Stort Chemicals Website
Stort Chemicals Website
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