We used to employ a sign writer who, long before it was made fashionable by Shoreditch hipsters, sported a luxuriant beard that made him look like a Greek philosopher or some other Old Master.  He confided in me once that he had grown it solely to meet his customers’ expectations that he was a ‘creative’..... Read More

Brand leaders looking to build their brand came from all over the UK to hear Richard Taylor, MD of Simpsons Creative, speak on the ‘Power of Brand’ at a national conference organised by Impamark at the Crown Plaza Resort, Five Lakes, this April. He appeared alongside three other leading industry speakers including Gordon Glenister, Director..... Read More

Why would anyone want to visit your website? Well, why does anyone go anywhere? Take an American tourist visiting London. What’s the attraction? It might be to see Big Ben and the Tower of London, to take in a West End show or go shopping in Harrods. In other words, he comes to see the..... Read More

Let’s start by stating the obvious: marketing is about selling stuff – goods or services – and making a profit.  Traditionally this has been done through press and television advertising, outdoor media and point of sale material.  Their purpose is unambiguously promotional and their message is essentially ‘buy this’, perhaps with some added incentives like..... Read More

There is a saying that a man who acts as his own barrister has a fool for a client.  Honest and innocent though the amateur may be, the prosecuting counsel is a professional whose experience will probably run rings around him.  He knows the law, how to make a case, present the evidence, and work..... Read More

Our client, new home sales recruitment specialist Maitland Selwyn’s strength is both the development of personnel through its recognised training and its understanding of the developers’ needs. The company’s aim is to provide candidates with the best support as a temp or whilst searching for a permanent position, and, provide the developer with the quality..... Read More

Few fashion accessories are as covetable as designer shades and spectacles, but customers of our client’s opticians Martin Reynolds don’t have to leaf through Vogue or shop in the West End to find them. Our eye-catching ads for Martin Reynolds’ range of Cartier, Tiffany, Tom Ford and Ray Ban eyewear have attracted quite a following..... Read More

Frogmore, who invest directly in UK real estate, is a unique organisation combining traditional, professional values with innovative drive, experience and process. To help Frogmore to identify, reflect and communicate these special qualities, Simpsons Creative were commissioned to deliver a corporate identity upgrade reflecting this ethos. As part of a wider program of rebranding to..... Read More

To anyone who property matters, Coke Gearing’s ‘Property Matters’ magazine is an invaluable guide to the commercial property scene in the M11 and A12O Corridors, and the latest issue – we’ve designed and produced – can only enhance their reputation as market leaders within the region. A glossy full colour publication of 20 pages, it..... Read More