From short run poster design to large format billboards, we have the skills and experience to ensure your product or service stands out.

Posters can be a powerful medium for raising brand awareness, advertising, or spreading the word about an event or product launch. Our designers can help you create something that’s not only visually stunning but also effective at delivering your key marketing messages. We have designed hundreds of posters from small, short-run, A3 posters to large billboards for national campaigns.

Your poster needs to be on-brand and as a full-service creative agency we can look at your existing marketing collateral, ensuring that the campaign works across the marketing mix.

Rhodes Art Complex – Posters

Poster design

A well-designed poster can be a powerful tool for promoting brand awareness. To make sure your poster stands out, start with a creative design that is eye-catching and memorable. Make sure to include your company logo and a strong brand message. Keep the overall look of the poster clean and uncluttered, so that viewers can easily take in the information. Remember, a poster’s goal is to grab attention and leave a lasting impression. With a little thought and planning, you can create a powerful marketing tool that will help increase brand awareness for your business.

Poster sizes

Large printing format is a popular choice for posters, billboards, and other signage. Large format printing provides excellent readability from a distance, making it ideal for busy areas like sidewalks or streets. And because large format printing uses a large sheet of paper, it’s also more cost-effective than smaller prints. A3 paper size is a good middle ground between the small and large formats. It’s still readable from a distance, but it doesn’t require as much space as a large format print. As a result, A3 prints are often used for indoor signs and display boards.

Rhodes Art Complex - Show poster
Rhodes Art Complex – Show poster

Link to your digital marketing with QR codes

QR codes are increasingly becoming a popular way for businesses to connect with their customers. By placing a QR code on a poster, businesses can provide their customers with a quick and easy way to access their digital marketing content. QR codes can be used to link to websites, social media pages, or even email campaigns. This allows businesses to track which customers are engaging with their QR code campaigns and helps to improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Additionally, QR codes can be customised to include branding elements such as logos or colours. This helps to create a more cohesive marketing strategy and reinforces the brand identity. Ultimately, QR codes offer a clever use of technology that can help businesses to better connect with their customers.

Cork and Skewer - Posters
Cork and Skewer – Posters

Digital posters and billboards

Digital billboards are a popular and effective way to advertise. They are usually located in high-traffic areas, where they can be seen by a large number of people. Digital billboards typically display a rotating series of images, which can be either static or animated. When designing a digital billboard poster, it is important to keep in mind the limited amount of time that viewers will have to see the ad. As a result, the design should be eye-catching and easy to understand at a glance. In addition, the poster should be designed to fit the dimensions of the billboard. With these considerations in mind, it is possible to create an effective and attention-grabbing digital billboard poster.

Colour Me Happy 5K - TV Screen
Colour Me Happy 5K – TV screen
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