Instagram New Features for Small Business Support (COVID-19)

Instagram has introduced a new sticker for stories which is designed to help support local businesses during the current pandemic. Many small businesses have been forced to close their doors temporarily to the public.

The new feature allows small businesses to use the sticker and engage with a bigger audience, outside your existing following. You may have noticed already that Instagram has launched a new community tab on your story feed of everyone you are following who has used the feature. The aim is to spread the word about businesses who are adapting to the new ways of trading during the current global situation.

Here’s what the Support Local Business Instagram sticker is and how to use it.

Want to use it on your Instagram story? Here’s how it works

When you are creating an Instagram story, there should now be an option to add the sticker, in the same place as the location and mention stickers are. The idea is for you to tag a local or smaller business to help promote them, or when you visit or use a product/service to help other people see where you went and encourage them to do the same.

  • Select the sticker for your story
  • Search for the business you wish to promote
  • The sticker will let you show a preview of their feed
  • A new story has been added to your homepage


Once your friends and family have started using the feature, your story feed will then have a collection of businesses being promoted/used by them.

Instagram said: “The ‘Support small business’ sticker can help businesses reach new customers and stay connected to the people that they serve. When businesses are mentioned in the sticker, they can repost the content to their stories or message people who tagged them. Businesses can also use the sticker to shout out other entrepreneurs in their community.”

So, next time you visit your local shops or if you have a friend who owns a small business this update feature is perfect for you. There are some great new features for the hospitality sector too where you can place orders through Instagram, or even purchase gift cards. If you are interested in how to set this up for your business, read more here.


Facebook has also introduced a similar feature

Facebook has also added a local businesses sticker and hashtag to its story feature. According to TechCrunch, the app is also looking to roll out a “Businesses Nearby” section which will allow you to see the latest posts from businesses within a certain geographic radius, set by you. You’ll be able to look at things like their opening hours and send them a message from the search.


In the new feature, you will also be able to tag businesses “in support” in your posts and pictures.

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