Agora Fertility Clinic & Pride Brighton 2016

Brighton’s Pride is the UK’s biggest Pride festival, bringing together thousands of people from the LGBT community. For The Agora Clinic, who are based right around the corner from the action in sunny Brighton & Hove, this was a fantastic opportunity for them to show the LGBT community some of the services that could change their lives.

The Agora, established in 2006, have helped thousands of people start their own family, including many same-sex couples. And, it isn’t just same-sex couples the Agora help; with the aid of state of the art technology, people who are going through gender reassignment surgery are now able to store their own eggs and sperm for use at a later stage.

The Agora secured one of the most prestigious floats at the festival, which Simpsons were then able to get creative on. In designing the vehicle display we used Prides well known rainbow colour scheme to come up with some striking visuals, erasing the ‘clinical’ view that many people have of the fertility industry. The headline ‘Pride & Joy’ was developed and the client loved it! Strong imagery along with the strong title, gave the float the ability to tell the thousands of people who gathered in the streets of Brighton, exactly what it is that The Agora do, (something which can be difficult if the float is only going to be visible for approx. 30 seconds!).

Colourful A5 leaflets were also designed, to be handed out to the crowds; these also feature the strong imagery and headline, emphasising and increasing awareness of The Agora and its services.

As some of you will know one of our favourite words here at Simpson’s is ‘Tradigital’, we like to give our clients a bit of both in all of the marketing strategies we develop, and so designing an online campaign was crucial in continuing the message across all of their platforms. We have now begun work on SEO for The Agora website, which will not only help to ensure they are found by the people who got a flyer at the parade, but it will also help to ensure their blogging remains fresh and relevant. Using specially designed software we are able to help them plan an ongoing strategy on content to promote on their website, and even features that will help their organic listing, for example images or videos, tracking the ever-improving ranking of The Agora website over time.

Continuing with the digital side, we are using social media to connect with more of their local community, it will be a platform for not only the LGBT community but for all people wishing to find out more about the incredible work that The Agora do and the services they offer. Social media will also be used to encourage more people to visit their website, whether it is to look at their blogs and services or to find out about The Agora’s success rates. We have used the Pride& Joy imagery across the headers of their social media pages to capitalise upon this huge event and ensure continuity across all of The Agora’s marketing platforms.

Pride 2016 in Brighton was on the 6th August, if you were there make sure you send us a snap of the Agora Float.

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