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CJ Coleman 50th Logo

2023 marks five decades of C J Coleman as an independent, family-owned Lloyd’s broker. Bearing this milestone in mind, they approached us to help them celebrate their anniversary. in the first instance they wanted to incorporate the 50th mark into the existing company branding. Once approved, this was to roll out across all marketing material both online and in print.

CJ Coleman new 50th logo design
C J Coleman New 50th Logo Design

Logo Design

We created a concept which centred around the number 50, but in an elegant and timeless way that still captured C J Coleman’s eye for detail. Working closely with C J Coleman the concept was refined and the final celebration logo was rolled out across the website, social media channels and marketing collateral. By working closely with the client, prior to the creative/concept stage, we were able to factor in all of the possible uses for the new logo going forward. We used the information gathered to create a set of new branding resources which culminated in a new simple brand guideline for the 50th Logo and working examples. 

With the new guidelines in place, we reproduced the logo in various formats providing the client with a ‘go-to’ resource for all future marketing. The guideline will help to ensure a consistent brand image across all of their marketing collateral and the different logo formats will ensure maximum quality.

CJ Coleman logo options and usage guidelines
C J Coleman Logo Options and Usage Guidelines


The new logo was so well received that C J Coleman instructed us further to look at redesigning and updating their stationery and business cards with the new logo and brand image in place. We designed and produced various items, from letterheads to comp slips and business cards, fact sheets, and emailers, ensuring all of their client contact is professional and consistent.

Business cards were produced for the whole team and incorporated unique QR codes which take you to the team members’ service page, helping individual team members to better showcase their skills and services. For this project we used a custom made QR code system, which allows us to create codes that can be redirected as required. This means that the business card QR codes will always be up to date even if staff move around the company. The system also allows the tracking of individual scans, so we can see how many people are engaging with each of the team members cards. We have also rolled the QR code system out to other printed material and it will be expanded further on additional platforms as required. 

CJ Coleman business card design
C J Coleman Business Card Design


The celebration of the 50th anniversary was also tied into an update of C J Coleman’s website. The new design needed to reflect their heritage and professionalism while still providing a modern, responsive experience for users on all devices. We created a sleek, minimalistic design that used the same colour palette as the logo but emphasised clear typography and crisp imagery. We created custom elements for the home page which are used to highlight key services on each page whilst helping to keep the overall aesthetic consistent.

The website is fully responsive and runs smoothly on all devices, allowing users to easily browse through the different insurance sectors that C J Coleman cover. The content has been updated throughout, ensuring that the client’s services are accurately and professionally represented.

The website has been built using WordPress to give C J Coleman full control over its content and to help ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. We have also put systems in place to ensure WP is kept updated with the latest security patches for optimum performance and safety.

CJ Coleman website design
C J Coleman Website Design
Website design sub-pages
Website Design Subpages

A4 Presentation Folder

C J Coleman requested an update to their presentation collateral, which needed to be updated to sit alongside the new website and feature the new logo. 

When designing for print, we always take the cost of production into consideration and the type of paper, or board, stock that will best suit the job. On this occasion, working closely with the client, we suggested an oversized A4 folder, which would be die-cut and glued to accommodate a pocket and hold one of their newly printed business cards. This format means the folders come premade, eliminating the hassle when completing presentations, the folder features a 5mm capacity pocket which allows for up to 20 pages of content, if required.

The new presentation folder helps to ensure that C J Coleman stands out from its competitors while being quick and easy to use, and the business card cut-out helps them to give presentations a personal touch.


Overall, the C J Coleman 50th anniversary year has proved very successful thus far, and we’re looking forward to implementing a number of further key marketing initiatives going into the summer and beyond. 

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