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The Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank is a local charity based in town, it helps to provide food to local people who are struggling to feed themselves and their families. It is a vital service that aims to reduce the number of people going hungry in Bishop’s Stortford.

What Does the Food Bank Do?

The main purpose of the Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank is to provide emergency food supplies to individuals and families who are in need. This includes those who are experiencing financial hardship, unemployment, illness, or other difficult circumstances. The food bank works closely with various agencies such as social services, schools, and healthcare professionals to identify those who require their services.

The food bank relies on donations from local people with over 90% of the food they distribute coming from public donations, because of this the food bank’s marketing efforts must be as effective as possible.

The Brief

To support the food bank, we needed to look at the whole brand as well as their aims for the future, and then develop a new logo based on this research. The brief also included creating various marketing materials such as posters, flyers, and social media resources to help raise awareness of the food bank and encourage people to donate. The final element that needed to be reviewed was the website, which sat at the heart of their marketing activity but was not performing well, especially alongside other food banks in the area.

Logo Design

During the design process it was decided to offer variations on the logo, as well as different colourways and typeface styles, we felt some could have a graphic of a ‘food package’. Bright colours were used to give the brand a strong visual impact.

The strapline was taken from their previous logo and needed to be integrated into all of the designs.

We provided various options for the client to consider, a few examples are shown below. Once a preferred option was chosen, we created variations of the logo, suitable for different uses. We then supplied the logo in several file formats for full flexibility and compatibility. Find out more about the logo design process, our branding services or logo design.

Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank – Initial logo ideas and selected final logo (centre)

Website Design

Alongside the logo design, we started to look at the website design as well, it would be vital to the marketing strategy moving forward. The current website was outdated and not user-friendly, making it difficult for people to find information about the food bank or how to donate.

Our team worked closely with the food bank to understand their needs and goals for the website, during this research phase it became clear there were two main areas that we needed to highlight. The first was to provide information and links for those wishing to donate and the second was to provide information on how people in need could get help. These two key areas influenced the overall design and layout of the website.

Bishops's Stortford Food Bank Website
Bishops’s Stortford Food Bank Website

The new website design was kept simple and easy to navigate, with clear calls to action for both donations and information on how to ‘Get Help’ as well as ‘Give Help’. The colour scheme was updated to match the new logo design, giving a cohesive and professional look to the brand.

Once the presented design was approved we built the website using WordPress, a powerful CMS that allows the client to update the content on the website directly without needing a developer’s input. We gave full training on how to use this system and the food bank has been able to keep the website up to date, helping to reduce overheads as well as providing visitors with the latest details on their activity.

We have been on hand to help with any issues they may have, offering additional training as needed, as well as keeping the website and WordPress updated with the latest security patches. This is one of many web design projects for Bishop’s Stortford-based clients and we continue to enjoy working with local clients on meaningful projects.

Charity Food Bank
New Logo on Banner

Marketing Materials

To help raise awareness about the food bank, we also created marketing materials in line with the new brand identity. This included posters, flyers and social media resources that could be used to promote events or campaigns.

The use of bright colours, bold typography and impactful imagery helped to create eye-catching designs that would grab the attention of potential donors. The messaging was kept simple but effective, communicating the important work that the food bank does and encouraging people to get involved.

Food Bank Banner Up
Food Bank Banner Up


Through our work with the Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank, we were able to develop a strong and cohesive brand identity that accurately represented their values and goals. The new logo design, website and marketing materials have helped to raise awareness about the food bank and increase donations, allowing them to continue providing much-needed support to the community.

We are proud to have been a part of this project and will continue to support the food bank in its future efforts.

Find out more about the Bishop’s Stortford Food Bank.

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