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Stuart, from Oculus Knowledge Consulting, approached us to assist with the launch of the business and to create a new website to act as the heart of their online marketing. The company specialises in providing knowledge management consulting services to businesses of all sizes and industries.

About Oculus Knowledge Consulting

Oculus Knowledge Consulting was founded by Stuart Johnson, a seasoned professional in the field of knowledge management. With over 38 years of experience working with various organizations, Stuart saw a growing need for expert guidance in managing and leveraging knowledge within businesses. This led him to establish Oculus Knowledge Consulting, helping businesses unlock the full potential of their knowledge assets and educate on the benefits it offers.

Oculus Knowledge Consulting Home Page
Oculus Knowledge Consulting Home Page

Logo & Branding

Stuart already had an outline logo in place when he approached us. This was not in the right format however so, as part of the project, we recreated the logo in a variety of the formats that would be needed moving forward to cover all applications. We did this matching the original, so all of the materials created thus far would still be valid.

With the logo design sorted the next step was to review the branding and messaging as a whole, so we could tie this in with the website design and marketing going forward. We worked closely with Stuart to understand his vision for the company and how he wanted it to be perceived by potential clients.

We introduced new brand colours, icons and imagery, as well as brand guidelines, which are a vital grounding for all future creative work and will ensure brand consistency across all platforms.

Website Design and Brand Guidelines
Website Design and Brand Guidelines

Website Design

The website design was a crucial aspect of this project, as it will be the main platform for showcasing Oculus Knowledge Consulting’s services and expertise. We wanted to create a user-friendly and visually appealing site that would accurately represent the company and its values.

After conducting thorough research on other consulting websites, we created mock-ups to present to the client. All the designs featured clear navigation and prominent calls to action to let visitors quickly find out what the site is offering and drive them towards the relevant pages.

We had a design feedback meeting to showcase the design and take onboard feedback from the client, with this information we finalised the design and began working on the development of the site.

Responsive Website Design Example
Responsive Website Design Example

Website Development

The final product was a modern, professional website that effectively communicated Oculus Knowledge Consulting’s services and the overall brand. It featured clear navigation, engaging content, and a clean layout, that made it easy for potential clients to learn about the company and its all that it offers.

Our in-house web developers created a bespoke theme powered by WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) to give the client full control over the content of the website. This allowed us to carefully test and develop the website over a wide range of devices and make adjustments to the theme as needed.

Full training on using the CMS was given at our offices in Bishop’s Stortford, and access to our WordPress training librarywas also provided to help the client get to know, and operate, their new website.

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Content Page Website Design
Content Page Website Design
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