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NOAH is a Luton-based charity working across Bedfordshire offering hope and support to people struggling against homelessness and exclusion. For 30 years NOAH has been working to provide support for people with complex needs who have nowhere else to turn.

Andy Williamson, Head of Fundraising and Community Engagement at NOAH, approached Simpsons Creative to assist them in raising awareness of the work they do by updating the branding overall and provide additional marketing support around specific events, and communications in general.

NOAH Logo Update
NOAH Logo Update

NOAH branding

The agency’s first job was to review all of the existing marketing and promotional material, branding and logo We needed to ensure a firm foundation was in place before we started to roll out new marketing materials. As part of this process, we enhanced their logo, keeping the overall feel the same but streamlining the component parts, developing a fresh core colour pallet and ensuring the new logo could be applied across all marketing streams, whilst ensuring the quality of design our finished files could be scaled without loss of quality and used across all media with ease.

The new logo was then rolled out over the various sub-brands to ensure consistency across everything NOAH does, and a more polished and professional image.

NOAH Internal Document Design
NOAH Internal Document Design

Brand standards

The next step was to create a brand standard, or corporate guideline document. This is to ensure that the look and feel of NOAH materials, and their visual elements, copy and tone of voice, remains consistent no matter what means of communication we are using. This also gave us a strong platform from which to work when creating ad hoc materials such as flyers, posters and digital banners.

We worked with NOAH to select new brand fonts and create a more vibrant colour pallet.

Updating existing NOAH marketing materials  

With the cohesive brand identity in place, we started the process of reviewing the existing marketing materials and bringing them in line with the new branding. This included documents like the ‘NOAH 5-year strategy’ as well as staff newsletters and public facing material such as social media messages and posters.

NOAH Fundraising Guide Redesign
NOAH Fundraising Guide Redesign

Event marketing materials

With one of the goals being increasing awareness of events, one of our first new projects with NOAH was to create marketing materials for their latest ‘Big Sleep Out’ event. We created a suite of designs from large-scale banners and posters to the smaller flyers and digital graphics that were used to raise awareness within the local community, as well as across their social media platforms.

NOAH Advertising Posters
NOAH Advertising Posters

Internal NOAH communications

Internal communications is key to any rebranding. We have helped NOAH plan and design internal staff newsletters and fundraising guides which help to keep staff updated on the charity’s progress. The new unified branding helps to promote the work of NOAH, communicate this with their staff, and increase staff morale.

Fundraising and awareness

Other new projects we have helped with have been aimed at raising awareness of NOAH and its work, as well as helping to drive fundraising which is key to the success of any charity. This has included marketing the newly formed NOAH lottery, and a local poster campaign featuring the stories of people that NOAH has helped and the outcomes.

Awareness Poster for NOAH
Awareness Poster for NOAH

Moving forward

NOAH is now armed with the tools and resources they need to continue their work at helping those in need across Bedfordshire. We have provided them with a structured, unified brand identity, and messaging, which will help raise awareness of the charity and drive fundraising efforts for years to come.

Simpsons Creative are proud to be associated with NOAH and we are committed to helping them achieve their goals. We look forward to continuing our work with them in the years ahead!

When NOAH, a charity working with the homeless and those affected by poverty, needed expert help in refreshing its image and developing key messages and visuals, we asked Simpsons Creative to support us.  They were able to improve all of our marketing materials and develop campaign words and pictures that meant something.  Richard and Chris were attentive and understanding of our needs and budgets which we found refreshing. 

I would be happy to recommend their work

Andy Williamson 
Head of Fundraising and Community Engagement
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