Launchpad is a flexible modern workspace offering hot desking and office space to a wide range of businesses at their two locations, Bishop’s Stortford and Ware. Focusing on helping local businesses and people get access to the tools they need to succeed and help them reach their goals. Launchpad offers a variety of services, in addition to desks and office space, including meeting rooms, shared break-out spaces and registered addresses.

After the pandemic, our working habits here at Simpsons changed to a hybrid setup and our old offices were no longer suitable. We looked into our options and Launchpad were able to offer us the perfect solution so we moved into a private office in the Bishop’s Stortford building ourselves.

Launchpad website redesign

Launchpad asked us to look at their website as part of their online review, getting ready for a move to a new premises. The existing website was not up to scratch with competitors in the area and it was impacting interest in the office space, it also had several visible error messages which didn’t represent the quality of the business.

We knew a redesign was needed to keep up with the competition, so we worked closely with Paula and Chris from Launchpad to plan the project and set goals for the new website. We made use of our website project brief document, which helps to assess website projects and highlight the key areas that we need to focus on.

One of the areas highlighted was the site structure, with Launchpad having two locations it was important to balance this while still getting across the range of services on offer. We looked at the navigation and created a new arrangement that helped to structure the site in a way that highlighted the services as well as the locations.

The logo and brand colours were also reworked to help bring them in line with the aims of the business and its links to the council, this also involved imagery and messaging to help project the brand values of Launchpad.

Launchpad Responsive Website
Launchpad Responsive Website

Booking system

Launchpad use a third-party booking system to manage the office space, it was important to keep this in place as it’s fundamental to their day-to-day running. It was also important that this link would be easy to locate but also not intrusive for first-time visitors, we achieved this with a clear call-to-action at the bottom of the website on every page, with clever use of colours to make it stand out from an already fairly complex footer.

Content management system

From the start it was clear Launchpad would benefit from an easy-to-use CMS, with this in mind we built the new site using WordPress as it gives the client full control over the content of the site. WordPress training was provided with ongoing support in place to ensure they could get the most out of the platform. We also shared access to our WordPress training resources in the help section of our website.

The CMS has enabled Launchpad to expand the website’s pages and features, for example, by adding extensive image galleries which really help visitors get a sense of the offering and quality of the office space.

Launchpad Website Subpage
Launchpad Website – Subpage

Ongoing help and support

With the old website falling into disrepair, we needed to get the new site live as soon as possible. This meant launching the website earlier than anticipated, whilst Launchpad were still based at the previous office building. However, we were able to meet this deadline and bring Launchpad’s online presence up to date. Once the office move was completed, we evaluated the website and updated various images and details, such as the location. We continue to provide ongoing help and support with website maintenance, security and hosting as well as additional advice on digital marketing.


Launchpad’s new website has enabled them to stand out from their competition in the local area, it is clear that the website is of a high quality and accurately reflects the values of the business. This has resulted in an increase in both online enquiries as well as foot traffic at their two locations, Bishop’s Stortford and Ware. The feedback from Launchpad has been extremely positive and we are very proud to have worked on such an important project for them. We look forward to continuing our work together in the future.

Launchpad Website Home Page
Launchpad Website – Home Page
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