Friary Meadow

Set in a quiet location on the edge of mature countryside and the site of the Abbey Meadows Country Park near Titchfield, Hampshire, Friary Meadow offers a choice of 2 and 3-bedroom luxury retirement homes with access to flexible onsite services.

Our long-term client Frogmore, who we have worked with on a wide verity of property marketing projects in the past, asked us to review the existing marketing offering to give the project some fresh impetus.

The development needed a strong marketing push to achieve greater awareness of the offer and best value for our clients. 

Friary Meadow DL leaflet
Friary Meadow DL leaflet

Property Branding Review

Our first order of business was to conduct a comprehensive review of the existing branding for the entire development. This involved an in-depth examination of the current brand identity, messaging, visuals, and overall market positioning. We wanted to fully understand how Friary Meadow was being perceived and, more importantly, how it was resonating with its target demographic. This intensive review process enabled us to identify the existing strengths that could be amplified through improved messaging, and areas that required strategic reinvention.

Full-Service Approach

From the start it was clear the project would require a wide range of deliverables from various members of the team, making it an ideal project for a full-service creative agency. Using the branding review as a base we were able to work closely with the client to establish a marketing plan which would cover both digital and print platforms.


One of the main objectives of our review was to establish a clear and consistent brand messaging framework for Friary Meadow. We wanted to create a strong message that would resonate with potential buyers and differentiate Friary Meadow from its competitors. After thorough research, brainstorming, and testing we produced the tagline “Enjoy an independent lifestyle without going it alone” which perfectly encapsulates the location benefits and the supportive community within Friary Meadows. 

It was important to differentiate the retirement village from the traditional view of a care home as the main selling point was the independent living it can provide for the residents, while also providing support and care as required. The brand messaging was key in achieving this, with the headlines rolling out over the complete range of marketing material.

Friary Meadow Brochure
Friary Meadow Brochure

Photography & Video

With the development continuing to progress and improve, we commissioned new photography and drone footage to give a new perspective of the village. This allowed us to showcase the natural beauty of the surrounding area and highlight the spacious, modern homes available at Friary Meadow. We also produced a video tour of the retirement village, providing potential buyers with an immersive experience before they even set foot on site, as well as an aspirational ‘lifestyle’ video to enhance the messaging. 


The heart of the new marketing campaign was the launch of a new website for Friary Meadow. The website serves as an online hub for potential buyers to learn more about the development, view available properties, and contact the sales team. It was designed with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation to ensure a seamless browsing experience. The website also features stunning visuals of the development and surrounding countryside to showcase the beautiful setting of Friary Meadow.

Friary Meadow Website Design
Friary Meadow Website Design

Property listing feature

Properties can be marked as available or unavailable with the click of a button to show/hide them from the properties page. This is useful whenever the sales team choose to market specific properties or when properties are sold or put up for sale by the existing owners.


Multiple videos have been added to the site to catch the user’s attention and give a clear visual of the properties and facilities available within the village.

The ‘Lifestyle’ page (and video) was introduced to emphasise that Friary Meadow is more than just a place to live and there are many benefits for residents in the village.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours (created by Matterport) have been embedded on the website to provide an interactive experience and give visitors a better idea of the properties available, as well as the bar/restaurant areas and cinema room.

Clear CTAs throughout the website

CTAs (call-to-actions) are used to encourage users to request details, book a tour and contact the sales team with enquiries.

Social Media

To enhance the online presence of Friary Meadow and reach a wider audience, we also developed content for social media to support the sales team in their online marketing efforts. This included creating engaging posts, high-quality images, and videos, and running targeted ads on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Friary Meadow Social Media
Friary Meadow Social Media

Brochures & Print Materials

In addition to digital marketing, print materials formed a significant part of our marketing strategy. We designed a 4-page A4 brochurethat provided comprehensive information about Friary Meadow, including its location, features of the homes, amenities, and unique selling points. The brochure was designed to be visually appealing and easy to read, with high-quality images and clear, concise text.

Similarly, we produced a 6-page DL leaflet that served as a quick reference guide, outlining the key attractions of Friary Meadow. It was designed to be compact and portable, making it easy for potential buyers to carry and share.

Regional and local press advertising was also utilised to reach a broader audience, with advertisements placed in popular newspapers and magazines in the region. These ads were designed to be eye-catching and compelling, drawing attention to Friary Meadow and its offering.

We also crafted an A4+ folder containing detailed information about Friary Meadow. These folders were distributed to prospective buyers, real estate agents, and other stakeholders, providing them with in-depth knowledge of the development, and a handy sales aid if required.

Lastly, onsite signage and flags were installed at strategic locations in and around Friary Meadow. These served not only as direction markers but also as a marketing tool, reinforcing brand visibility and attracting potential buyers who were passing by or visiting.

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