Alisped is a logistics company that operates globally and specialises in land, sea, and air freight transportation. They approached us with the objective of consolidating their marketing materials and bringing their website in line with the latest updates of WordPress. Even though they had produced their current resources as and when needed, the outcome was that they lacked the brand continuity necessary for a global business. They also required several new marketing materials and aimed to consolidate all their efforts to ensure that everything matched their core branding moving forward.

Logo/Brand Guidelines

The first step was to establish the core brand, this involved us reviewing everything that Alisped were currently using and setting out a series of master files for the logo and colour palette that could then be used across all of their marketing. We effectively put a mini brand guidelines document in place for the business to ensure that their branding is consistent moving forward, these guidelines can be updated as required.

One example of the brand guidelines being updated was the inclusion of font families with defined weights and styles. This change came about when the extent of their marketing materials became clear. The ‘living nature’ of this document means it can grow and evolve as the business needs change while still acting as a master for any new projects.

Alisped Business Card
Alisped Business Card


Alisped already had some suitable images for inclusion in their marketing material. However, we felt one or two key images needed to be sourced to give the ‘look’ we had in mind. These were sourced and integrated into the relevant material. We also ensured that all images used were of high quality and fit with the brand guidelines in terms of colour and style. This consistency across all imagery helped to reinforce the overall branding for Alisped.

Another aspect of imagery we focused on was ensuring that they showcased their global presence through photos from different locations worldwide. This not only added visual interest to their marketing materials but also highlighted the scope of their operations.

Alisped Folder
Alisped Folder


A letterhead and business card were produced. The client-facing staff now have business cards that are consistent with the overall Alisped branding. The letterhead also features the logo and colour scheme prominently to create a professional and unified look for all official correspondence.

Marketing Material

An A4+ folder was required along with 5 individual leaflets. Four of these were single-sided A4 showcasing the various areas that Alisped cover. The final document was a 4-page A4 terms and conditions document. We ensured that the design of these materials was consistent with the established brand guidelines and imagery.

All of the pieces of marketing needed to have a uniform brand identity, yet still look different enough to stand out. This was achieved by developing a generic footer style and using the new colour palette and font family. The use of imagery helped the individual leaflets have their own feel.

These marketing materials were designed to be informative and visually appealing, showcasing Alisped’s services in a professional manner. The inclusion of high-quality images, relevant information, and consistent branding helped to strengthen their overall marketing efforts.

An A5 notepad was the final piece of material, incorporating the Alisped logo.

Alisped Folder Inserts
Alisped Folder Inserts


Alisped’s existing website was having some issues with updates and they asked us to take control and maintain it, rather than replace it with a new one. We undertook an extensive review of the website and after moving it under our control we have been able to fully update the core systems to the latest versions. This process included updating the WordPress core and multiple plugins that had been updated with new security patches. With the website under our control on our hosting services, we have been able to continue a regular schedule of updates to ensure the site is always on the latest versions of WP.

As part of the overhaul, we worked with Alisped to fix some of the issues with the content, as well as helping them to update and improve the website as an ongoing project.

Alisped Terms and Conditions
Alisped Terms and Conditions

The future

Now Alisped have a brand established, new marketing and promotional material can be produced with the peace of mind that continuity can be achieved for a strong corporate look. By having guidelines in place, Alisped can easily update its marketing materials and website as needed while maintaining a consistent brand identity. This will help to attract potential clients and build trust with existing ones.

In the future, we plan to work closely with Alisped to continue updating their website and creating new marketing materials to keep up with any changes within the company or industry.

Alisped Notebook
Alisped Notebook
Alisped letterhead
Alisped Letterhead
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