Easily Provide Feedback on Design Files

We are always striving to improve our processes and continue to provide the excellent service our clients deserve. One offer that has been getting a lot of positive feedback recently is the PDF feedback system we use. With our PDF feedback system, you can easily mark-up changes to a document without having to purchase any additional software. All you will need is the free video tutorial we have created, which is easy to follow and will save you both time and money.

Tutorial video

Mark up changes to a PDF

With this system, changes can be marked directly onto the design PDF we send you and is all done digitally. You can place a pin on the document to let us know exactly what part of the design your comment is referring to; this reduces the time it takes to give feedback and consequently the time needed to implement your changes.

These comments also let you provide any new copy directly; this stops errors from creeping in as can be the case with handwritten notes or complicated verbal explanations – we can simply copy and paste the new text into place!

The notes are saved within the PDF itself, meaning you can send it back quickly and easily, or forward your marked-up notes to others if required.

Save time, save money

The speed at which changes can be tagged and explained means not only that you will save time when giving feedback, but we will also save time implementing them, which in turn saves you money. It also reduces the chance of mistakes and the admin time needed to correct them.

The feedback system does not require you to pay for any software on your end and can be used with any PDF designs we send, from simple business card designs to large multi-page documents.

Easy to share

When you make comments you can save them back to the PDF document, this records who made the comment and the date/time it was made. You can then share this PDF with others in your team or send it back to us for the changes to be made. This lets you keep all of the feedback in one place and stay on top of reviews, something that becomes even more useful the larger the document is.

Large documents can be reviewed with ease as the system lets you jump through, highlighting the comments, to see who has left notes. This prevents large documents from having to be reread constantly to locate the changes.

Flexible comment system

Other people can reply to any comments made, for example our designers can mark a comment as complete or request clarification on one. Your team members can leave comments asking others to expand on a point or provide additional resources to complete a change. Download links to new images or specifications, for example, can be posted as a comment to keep the feedback all in one place and clear as to what needs to be done.

Free tutorial on using the system with Teams

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch to arrange a teams meeting to see the feedback system in action. Alternatively, drop in to see us in person and find out what else we can do for you.

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