Our Top Five Benefits to Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Despite there being many successful and influential social channels, companies are still turning to the use of email marketing. Why I hear you ask? It’s because email marketing enables companies to build brand awareness and reinforce key messages in an instant. 

Email marketing is a highly successful form of marketing in the UK. According to Campaign Monitor, “click-through rates skyrocketed in 2019. The click-through rates for emails sent in the UK jumped from 0.9% to 2.4%, meaning consumers saw content they wanted to engage with on a deeper level—and a lot of it.”


Benchmark Behaviour

Email marketing offers a great opportunity to measure your customers’ buying behaviour. Click-through rates, open rates and bounce rates can be tracked efficiently.

You can easily explore how successful certain pieces of content, events or offers have been. If one link wasn’t getting any attention, you can re-evaluate why and make sure your next email targets the interests of your customers more.

Break Barriers

By providing links within emails, you allow your customers to interact directly with other content you produce, such as your website, blog, portfolios and more. Since opening a link is a small and easy action, it reduces the customer’s access barrier to your business and brand.

Cost and Time Efficiency

In comparison to many communication channels, emails can be created quickly and shared to a wide range of customers at the same time.

This will not only save on cost and business time but also help your business limit unnecessary paper consumption at the same time.

Customised Content

Customers are more likely to make use of an offer when it is adapted to their needs. 

Using email lists enables companies to customise content directly for the customer. Making it easier for you as a company to meet the customer’s needs. We advise you to split your email lists into target audiences, that way you know you are sending the right email to the correct audience. 

Respond to Customer Needs

Email marketing is a permission-based tool. Meaning companies can send content to customers that show an active interest in them without being intrusive.

Companies can update their customers with news, upcoming events or special offers, respond to specific customer needs and remain at the forefront of their customer’s minds. Something which is widely being used during the pandemic to keep clients informed. Have you reached all of your clients with your latest business news?


We hope our list of email marketing benefits offers an insight into why it’s a great cost-effective option for your business. Looking to improve your existing email marketing? Contact us today.

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