Hot Property – Getting the Offer Right

It’s a cliché that the winning formula for successful property marketing is ‘location, location and location’.  Location is, of course, key, but there’s rather more to it than that. ‘Location, accommodation and specification’ is closer to the magic mix.  To which these days you could also add ‘affordability’.

Mostly, these can be considered as ‘built-in’ advantages.  Which means that getting the offer right begins before going to market, not afterwards.  So, especially where new build properties are concerned location will be determined by planning, market demand and availability, closely followed by development potential.

Is there a need to be filled or a gap to be closed?  And whether the proposed scheme is residential or commercial, will the accessibility / connectivity of the site recommend it as a commuter suburb or distribution centre?  Proximity of local amenities – shops, schools, sports, and leisure facilities – is another key factor under this heading.

Next comes accommodation.  What kind of premises or house types will be in demand in the chosen location?  Offices or warehousing?  Apartments or housing?  Retail or leisure facilities?  Again, a shrewd development appraisal is called for.  A ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy usually proves disastrous.  Effective property marketing must go back to first principles.

Then comes specification or quality of build.  Kerb appeal is important, as are such special features as private courtyards or allocated parking.  And when it comes to property interiors, expectations are high.  A new office occupier expects to plug into all the latest IT and WIFI connections, and new homeowners routinely expect high quality fitted kitchens, underfloor heating, and wall to wall carpeting as standard.

With all the pre-planning and advance decision making that goes into property marketing, you might be forgiven for thinking that having got the offer right the scheme will sell itself. 

Well, ‘location, accommodation and specification’ is the right formula, but to make it a winning one you need to add in the ‘X’ factor, which is ‘presentation’.  You must gift wrap it and place it in the laps of the target audience.

This begins with creating a brand in the form of a development name and logo that reflects the offer and supporting it with all the relevant marketing collateral from a website and digital offer to a brochure, mailings, and signage/wayfinding.

The earlier you involve an experienced agency in your launch plans the better placed they’ll be to understand and help you realise your marketing objectives. So give us a call sooner, rather than later and we can help you realise your vision!

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