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No marketing campaign is complete unless you’ve considered the possible opportunities and impact offered by social media. Yet it divides opinion. So why’s that? Many businesses dip their toe tentatively into the social water, find it lukewarm and change their minds. There’s nothing wrong with the water, we promise, but it’s possible your social media strategy wasn’t hot enough. The vast majority of your existing customers – and those you’d like to attract – will be active on at least one of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. You just need to find them or, more importantly, have other people bring them to you.

The benefits of social media marketing

In an increasingly mobile and digital world, social media marketing is only going to become more powerful. Generate the right content and back it up with the good branding, product and service, and people will sell for you.

At the most basic level, your social media activity needs to thread through all of your offline and online marketing and advertising. We advise on and set up the most appropriate social media presence for our clients and incorporate those links into everything.

To realise the potential that millions of eager social media networkers offer, the key is  to generate content and promote activity. Status updates and tweets, blog posts and guides, infographics and memes, video tutorials and photography; they each play a part in engaging strangers and turning them into brand ambassadors, raising awareness among their hundreds of contacts for your business. And just like email marketing, we can track what works best and respond and refine.

Here’s the bottom line: if you truly believe in your product or service, then other people will too. And if they believe, it’s human nature to want to be the person who introduces someone to something new. Well-planned social media marketing and advertising provides content that people will act upon – liking, sharing, commenting and, ultimately, buying.

Social publishing isn’t a quick-fix, easy solution. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long-term strategy. It takes planning and content creation.

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How we can help

We will design and manage your social media accounts across all platforms – by building your online following and reaching targeted accounts we can increase your visibility, and so raise brand awareness.

We’re experienced in establishing a winning presence for our clients on all of the major social media channels, along with digital media and blogging platforms such as YouTube and WordPress.

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