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At the heart of many companies’ success, from sole traders to multinationals, is a strong commitment to email marketing. Even bricks and mortar businesses know the value of a well-planned email campaign as part of their digital marketing strategy.

The benefits of email marketing

Email marketing forms the core of most digital marketing drives. It’s fast, can be tightly targeted when working from good data, and your audience can pick it up wherever they may be. The great thing about email marketing is it’s also extremely measurable; we can tell you who’s opened your email, when it was opened and on what kind of device, and, of course, which links within the email tempted a reader to your website. From here, we can track exactly where they went, if and what they bought, and at what point they left…

That’s powerful information – information that helps us analyse your customer behaviour, refine future marketing emailers and adapt your website and other digital marketing strategies for even more powerful effect.

But we all receive a huge amount of email every day. Attention spans are short, time is a’wasting. Which means everything about a digital mailer needs to be carefully planned, from subject line to content to responsive design, if you’re to dodge the delete button and sidestep the spam filters.


Types of email marketing

Broadly speaking, there are four types of marketing emailers which might fit your business strategy:

Cold emails: the digital version of the dreaded cold call, but at a fraction of the cost to time, wallet and soul.
Newsletters:essentially an update for existing contacts, working from a list of people who’ve opted into receiving communication from you.
Product emailers: a more overt sales email that usually highlights a new product or service or a special offer or discount on an old favourite.
The giveaway emailer: giving away white papers, infographics, how-to articles and the like should form part of a digital marketing strategy that brings together client emailers, social media marketing and inbound marketing.

They all require good quality contact data, careful content creation, clever design, data capture and analytics, and they all have the power to transform your sales performance. We can help you with the entire process, from buying the best opt-in data for cold campaigns, through to an integrated approach that complements a complete digital marketing drive.

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How we can help

Some journeys are longer and more complex than others, but with Simpson’s we want your email campaign to be successful. We will let you know what it will involve and how long it will take, giving you the full benefit of our services.


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