Simpsons bring a breath of fresh air to property promotion

Simpsons brought a breath of fresh air – well, the smell of new mown grass actually – to the promotion of Mallets Park, a 19 acre green field development opportunity on the edge of Cambridge.

The occasion was the production of a tender invitation to prospective developers – in the form of a prestigious hard-bound brochure – to realise a vision for a new garden suburb to the east of the city, for which a master plan has already been agreed.

To give freshness and impact to the presentation – a 30 page brochure with a wraparound ‘grass’ cover, we impregnated it with concentrated grass essence and sealed it in an airtight sleeve ready to release its fragrance on opening.

Our client Bidwells, acting on behalf of landowners Marshalls of Cambridge, were delighted with the finished result, which gave a whole new meaning to multi-media communications!

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