St Michael’s Church Organ Appeal

St Michaels Church - Organ Appeal

The experts have popped their tops for a beer label designed by Simpsons Creative as part of a charity appeal to repair and refurbish the organ of St Michael’s Church, Bishop’s Stortford.

The label, for the appropriately named Pipe Dreams ale, came third in the Label of the Year 2016 Awards made by the Labologists’ Society, the International Society of Label Collectors and British Brewery Research and was open to all breweries in the UK and Ireland.

“You couldn’t have more exacting critic of label design than a label collector” said the Simpsons’ design team, and we’re delighted that they consider our work an outstanding example of its kind.

In this instance we drew inspiration from the original logo that was designed for the organ appeal because it could be adapted perfectly to the shape of a bottle label – and after a few plays on various names based around the main campaign straplines ‘St Michaels Organ Appeal’, ‘We need your support’ and ‘Organ Appeal’ our creative team came up with ‘Pipe Dreams’. The Pipe representing an organ pipe and, with the help of a successful campaign, ‘Dreams’ that have now become a reality.

The Pipe Dreams ale was brewed by the Saffron Brewery, and the label design was part of a
multi-platform promotional campaign created and produced by Simpsons Creative. It included an organ appeal brochure, website, fundraising banners and to conclude a commemorative brochure. The campaign was a success and helped to raise over £300,000.

Now that’s worth raising a glass to!

 Organ Appeal - Brochure
Organ Appeal – Brochure
 Organ Appeal - Brochure Inside
Organ Appeal – Brochure Inside
Pipe Dreams Beer
Pipe Dreams Beer
Organ Appeal - Banner
Organ Appeal – Banner
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