The Client

Pumptronics are at the forefront of innovation in their industry. From humble beginnings, in a garage, the firm has grown to become an international business with dedicated production facilities. All their pumps are hand built in Britain. In 2015 Pumptronics was given the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in recognition of the importance of the Pumptronics brand on the international stage.

Building capacity for growth and change

Pumptronics work hard to make sure each pump that leaves their door is tested to the highest standards. With a dedicated team of engineers, Pumptronics has designed and built products that meet industry regulations and exceed customer expectations. Over the years their range of pumps has evolved to tackle both the everyday and extraordinary problems that can affect even the most robust pump. That’s what makes them the choice supplier for the World Rally Championships and for major HGV refuelling sites in the UK and Ireland.

New Pumptronics website
New Pumptronics website

The Brief

A new website was required as a result of the acquisition of the Pumptronics brand by Hytek, another leading pump manufacturer. This resulted in the need for a new website to incorporate a range of products from both companies under the Pumptronics brand. The new website would need to serve both new and existing Pumptronics customers helping to guide them through the product selection and configurations.

The agency worked closely with Hytek to review the project and its goals, breaking it down into several main areas to ensure all aspects were covered. With an understanding of the requirements, the agency was able to provide a detailed proposal giving Hytek multiple options for additional functionality. One of these areas was a pump configurator system that would allow users to select options for their pump. This would need to be updateable in real-time as new options were selected.

Product banner ups
Product banner ups

Design and Build

The project went through several design stages with the client providing feedback at each stage. The design helped to structure the content and create a final proposal that helped focus users’ attention on product features and benefits. Functionality was added and removed as the goals become clear.

With the design approved we started the build.  This was carried out on our test server, which helped ensure the website was developed securely and allowed the client to review progress. With the core of the website created, the site was populated with a mix of Pumptronic and Hytek product.  The client was given access to the admin area on the test server so they could update content ready for the launch.

Performance of the website was a key consideration, Pumptronics clients range from desktop users creating detailed plans to engineers who may be onsite and using mobile devices. Throughout the build, we measured performance and optimised the website to ensure it was able to meet all applications.

When asked to provide hosting we also selected our high-performance cloud-based service to enhance the speed and performance of the website.

We built the website using WordPress. This gives the client complete control over the pages and content on the website. Its flexibility will also allow the website to grow and expand to meet the client’s future needs.

Interactive product configurator
Interactive product configurator

Pump Configurator

The new website features an interactive pump configurator. This system allows users to customise a pump to fit their needs while getting updated visual references to the changes as they progress.

The system takes the users selections and provides updated options depending on what’s been selected. For example, if a user selects a specific type of pump, the system will only offer compatible selections for fluid and extras.

This system allows users to customise the pump in real-time and, once completed, get a customised quote from Pumptronics. This not only allows users to see what best fits their needs but also helps to streamline the quotation process.

Fully responsive website
Fully responsive website

Hosting and Support

The new website is being hosted on our cloud hosting. This gives it swift response times, helping users to navigate the site quickly and easily. This performance benefits the configurator especially.

As website hosts the agency will ensure WordPress and its plugins are kept up to date, ensuring the safety of the website.

Have a look for yourself at their new website > www.pumptronics.co.uk

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