3R Psychology & Consulting

The Client

3R Psychology & Consulting have over 25 years of experience as educators and psychologists in the independent, international and state sectors. Based in the East of England and London, their psychologists and teachers offer comprehensive educational psychology services. Including assessment, training, individual and group support to parents and teachers for children and young people aged 0 – 25 years, suffering from ADHD, autism or any other learning difficulty.

Building capacity for growth and change

Located in Bishop’s Stortford, 3R Psychology & Consulting offers counselling and individual support outside of school hours. They also work with schools, families and young people in Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and East London. Along with an international addition that provides training, consultation, and assessment services to international schools and families across Asia, Central America and New Zealand.

The Brief

Professionalism is something 3R Psychology & Consulting pride themselves on, and we had to ensure this reflected our creative work. We wanted to simplify the visual identity, create a website that not only appealed to adults but teenagers too, along with producing brand guidelines to assist with the implementation of the ‘new look’. We knew we could deliver on this front, so we conducted a series of meetings with the Director and Educational Psychologist. This helped us to have a better understanding of their purpose and values, as well as uncovering other areas for improvement.

Rising to the challenge

3R Psychology & Consulting requested a variety of marketing and promotional materials ranging from flyers to print brochures. We had to ensure consistency was maintained across all areas of work; from the website to a leaflet. To make sure brand consistency was kept the terminology, design and branding had to marry up across all stages of the project.

For 3R Psychology & Consulting to achieve its true potential, we had to build a strong online brand presence that would help them connect with their customers better. Building an online presence in a sensitive industry came with its challenges. We had to create an engaging brand that would communicate to their audience without overpowering them with too much text, colour or design. We wanted the website to bring 3R Psychology & Consulting closer to their core audience, while also allowing them to reach prospective customers more intimately.

The Logo

We simplified and streamlined the logo design down to one master version that could be implemented across all marketing media. We also developed a colour palette that would ensure they stood apart from their competitors. A lot of rivals were using primary colours, so we wanted to step away from that, this is where we came up with the softer, pastel colours that you see today.

The Website

We wanted the website to bring 3R Psychology & Consulting closer to their core audience, while also allowing them to reach prospective customers more intimately. The new website sets a clear and simple journey of information gathering and subtle selling techniques. Phase one of the project is complete and we are continuing to work with 3R Psychology & Consulting on marketing their business.

What the client had to say

“I first contacted Simpsons Creative after finding them in a Google search, when I was looking to update my website. I felt as if my brand was lacking that professional look of my competitors. I have worked with Simpsons on several projects since, covering a wide range of marketing requirements both on and offline. I am really pleased with the work they have produced for me and will continue to work with them in the future. “ – Ceri Roberts, Director & Educational Psychologist, 3R Psychology & Consulting

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