Making a great first impression for Frogmore

Frogmore, who invest directly in UK real estate, is a unique organisation combining traditional, professional values with innovative drive, experience and process. To help Frogmore to identify, reflect and communicate these special qualities, Simpsons Creative were commissioned to deliver a corporate identity upgrade reflecting this ethos.

As part of a wider program of rebranding to bring the marketing materials up to date and in line with the new corporate message, we were asked to update their brochure explaining a little about the company, introducing the senior management team and highlighting their diverse asset portfolio.

With Frogmore’s target demographic being global financial institutions and high net worth investors looking to expand their portfolios in the UK market, it was imperative that the brochure was clean, concise and professional in design and finish.

The brochure also had to reflect the new branding rolled out across the business, in keeping with advertising, the company website, branded stationery and promotional material. This was key in reinforcing the company message and ensuring brand continuity across all marketing platforms.

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