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Digital media encompasses everything from presentations and PDFs to video and animations, CGI and everything to do with visual branding. These are your tools of persuasion, the catalysts of engagement and emotional buy-in, the fundamental must-haves if you’re to stand out from the crowd. These are the key components to think about when planning your digital media strategy.

digital media interactive PDF

An interactive PDF created for Besblock’s

The benefits of digital media

Most people understand the importance of brand recognition; a strong, recognisable brand makes it easier for your customers to identify, remember, recommend and return to you for repeat business. The better the branding – along with your service, of course – the more you stand above your competitors.

As branding specialists we provide clients with a complete range of marketing collateral and administrative materials needed to present a consistent brand experience, from document templates to PowerPoints, PDFs, and better yet interactive PDFs.

Most people are extremely visual. They make purchasing decisions based on how they feel, and then they use the facts to justify that decision. All the digital media we create is designed to evoke the right emotional response, from  exciting CGI’s and video walkthroughs of a property for sale, to photography that inspires desire.

Of course, when you’re playing the long game, what really matters is engagement. ‘Engagement’ is the marketing world’s favourite term for a really simple concept: making a connection with customers. In the online world, engagement is generally dependent on digital media.

The way people use the internet is moving in one direction fast: they want entertaining, educational or useful information wherever they go. It needs to be easy to digest and give immediate satisfaction. Think about the things you’ve seen shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Video, audio, photography, memes and infographics are everywhere.

Really shareable digital media can be hugely powerful, reaching limitless numbers of people. The more useful or engaging the content, the further it will travel, and the more relevant and connected to your brand it is, the more likely you are to see web visits and enquiries grow.

South Place Hotel - digital Media

An interactive PDF which was developed for South Place Hotel, in London

How we can help

The team at Simpsons Creative has expertise across a wide range of media specialisms. We will create a seamless brand experience, internally and externally.

With our more persuasive sales and marketing tools it will mean your teams are better equipped to perform above expectation, helping meet marketing goals while also increasing your ROI.

We can design exciting, shareable digital media to support your website, marketing exhibition and other digital marketing activities that will help to raise your company profile.

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