Coming out of COVID?

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Lots has changed in the business world over the last few months, and nearly every company has had to make operational and logistical changes to meet the threat of Covid 19.

Ways of communicating with each other, the means of production/delivery and offers have all been refined and perfected to meet the ‘New Normal’.

Your offer has very probably been improved as well. But who knows it; when are you going to tell them and how?

Here at Simpsons our job has always been to encapsulate our clients messages into an effective marketing strategy; to communicate their key benefits and persuade customers to buy from them, as opposed to the opposition.

As we start to return to work and to the high street, don’t just settle for the same old boring promotion, talk to us about telling the world just what they’ve been missing and boosting your market share!

From August to November our ‘Coming out of Covid package includes:
Free one-hour consultation.
Free outline proposal with accurate costings – so you know exactly where you are.
Free creative proposal to set the ‘tone’ and establish key messages going forward – so you know exactly how we will help your business.

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