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One of the most valuable lessons I ever learned about salesmanship is the saying: “He who is convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”. Because, even when presented with the most powerful arguments for making a purchase, the buying public can be wilfully stubborn.  Logic may convince, but it doesn’t persuade.

And that’s as true in property dealings as it is in all commercial transactions.  Some property professionals will tell you that selling property is all about leveraging an asset.  You invest so much in building or refurbishing a property and then sell it on at a profit. Job done. The attitude is ‘build it and they will come’.

In a market where demand exceeds supply that might be true.  But the dynamics are not always in your favour.  And even when they are, there are other factors influencing a buyer’s choice than mere availability.  I mean, do you buy a car simply to get from A to B?  Or do power, prestige and comfort come into the equation somewhere.  I bet they do!

And it’s really no different with someone looking to buy a new home, office or warehouse.  What are potential owners looking for?  To which you might add where, when, why and how?  All questions best asked before you undertake a development, and to which answers should be given in advance publicity and throughout the course of the scheme.


At Simpsons, we have 35 years of experience in helping our clients create and fill demand for property marketing in all categories – commercial, retail, residential and leisure.  And we know which levers to pull to elicit a response – whether it be selling location, specification and accommodation, or factors like flexibility, finance and local amenities.

It might start with coining a development name and designing a logo that encapsulates the ethos of the site or designing a hoarding that surrounds and announces the scheme, showing it – through the magic of CGI – as it will look on completion.

At the core of the promotion, there will usually be a website where the details of the scheme and associated offers can be set out in full. And these key elements can be enhanced with the full marketing collateral of brochures, leaflets, direct and electronic mailings, press advertising, public relations and social media campaigns.

You’ll gather from the above that we’re a full-service agency, able to provide the broadest range of traditional and digital marketing services. But what really sets us apart is our sales psychology and creativity. It’s the message, not the medium that counts. And with 35 years of experience in property marketing, we’re right on message!

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