Add some Sparkle to your Brand this Christmas

Add Sparkle to your Brand this Christmas

Looking to add some sparkle to your branding this Christmas? That’s where an effective Christmas marketing campaign comes in. An effective campaign is essential during the festive season because if you aren’t making the most of this tool, you can be sure your competitors are.

We have come up with a range of top tips on creating a Christmas campaign that will beat your competitors over the festive period!

Add Some Christmas Sparkle
A great way to show your business is in the Christmas spirit is to update your branding with a touch of festive flair. Try altering your logo or social media profile picture and cover photo, including Christmas elements into your brand which you can use throughout December.

Christmas is for (online) sharing
When it comes to content marketing whether it’s a newsletter, blog or social media post, the general rule is 80% of your marketing content should add value to your audience’s lives, the remaining 20% should focus on promoting your business.

Sending mailers to your customers both past and present is a simple method of maintaining the relationship and retaining engagement.

Give a Special Shout out to Your Social Media Fans
Using social media doesn’t cost you anything, making it an essential service for promoting your business and campaigns. Christmas is all about giving and being thankful for those around you. As we near towards the end of the year a great way to engage with your customers is by sending them a personal shout out, to thank them for their custom and loyalty throughout the year.

Get Creative with Your Hashtags and Subject Lines
The subject line of your marketing email is just as important as the email content itself. It’s the first impression your audience will have and is your opportunity to grab your readers attention. Christmas is the perfect opportunity for you to get creative and increase your marketing efforts.

Christmas Competitions
Christmas competitions are a great way of grabbing your existing customers attention and reaching out to a new audience.

Most of the ideas we have listed above can be adapted to work for a variety of different organisations, on different marketing channels.

If your organisation requires some inspiration this Christmas? Let us know, we’d be happy to help you with your marketing needs.


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