3R Psychology & Consulting – Booking System

During these difficult times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it is essential for all businesses to try and keep operating and delivering a continuing service to their clients whilst at the same time sticking to the Government’s guidelines.

3R Psychology & Consulting, one of our valued clients, have adapted to the current crisis by offering online consultations conducted over a video call. They offer tutoring, parent and teacher consultations, and psychotherapy/emotional support sessions. All valuable services, especially during this time of uncertainty that has forced schools to close.

3R came to us looking for help to set up a booking system for their website that would allow them to take bookings, including payment via PayPal. They required a system that would support their consultants to offer different services and manage their schedules, and that is what we have delivered. We have provided employees with their user accounts to set their working hours, mark any days off as unavailable and select which services they can offer and at what cost.

The system notifies each employee via email when a client books a session with them, and the consultants are also able to log in to the backend of the website to view their appointments and make changes or cancellations if necessary. 3R can then use the customer information entered into the booking form to invite their clients to video calls at their chosen appointment times.

We made sure that the booking system is consistent with the design of the current website, so the user experience is seamless. We didn’t want it to feel like two different websites, and we were able to execute this by following their brand guidelines that were created when we first designed their logo, website and other marketing materials. The use of colours, fonts and imagery are all consistent with the company’s brand.

This is just one example of how we at Simpsons can aid our clients and make it easier for them to continue to offer the excellent quality service that their customers require and deserve.

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